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24 October 2016

Spatober at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

How is there only one week left in October? We're 7 short days away from Halloween, 14 days away from the end of daylight savings, and only 30 days away from Thanksgiving... making it only 31 away from Black Friday! And you know what that means? Before you and I know it holiday madness will be upon us, and honestly I'm already exhausted, behind schedule, and frazzled.

I just need a pumpkin spice latte and 5 minutes peace please.

Yep fall is flying by and taking with it my sanity! The only thing I can think of to help me regain my footing is a SPA DAY.

You heard me right: SPA DAY. Even saying it aloud immediately relaxes me, as I'm sure you can see from my sunny smiling photos taken when I took that Spa Day last week at Palm Beach's Eau Resort & Spa. Yes, you may have seen all the incredible up-to-minute details from my day of pampering on Instagram Stories, and if you didn't well get on over their to follow me because it was epic!

I'm fairly certain that I'm not the only one drowning in my coffee each morning, drained by 3pm, and simply constantly stressed out. I even think calling in sick today, tomorrow, or sometime this week is a true and honest self preservation move you need to make. And honey, if you aren't sick now, the hell of Halloween weekend is sure to do you in. All my single ladies and all my moms out there, I'm thinking of you, truly.

Let me make it even easier for you to follow my advice, or really make it impossible for you not to:

To my wonderful South Florida readers, I give you the last week of #Spatober! Thanks to the amazing folks at Discover the Palm Beaches, the finest spas across the Palm Beaches are offering staggering discounts on some of their most signature and sought after treatments. CLICK HERE or visit to explore what your favorite local spa has on offer, and just book it. You really can't miss out on these deals, and you should feel great that at almost all the participating spas are donating a portion of every discounted service to Breast Cancer related charities. So now you REALLY have no excuse do you?

In celebration of Spa and Wellness month or #spatober (great concept right?) I was invited for a day of ultimate relaxation and enjoyment at Palm Beach's ocean-front Eau Resort & Spa, and treated to their fall signature treatments (being offered at nearly 50% off discount). It was a dream come true, an exhilarating and eye opening morning that led to a much welcomed eye closing afternoon: exactly what the doctor ordered!

The Eau Palm Beach

When I arrived at the Eau I was met with a fresh glass of champagne, complimentary valet parking, and ushered through the lobby out to the ocean front pool, There I joined a small group of South Florida influencers for a delicious brunch in the newly opened Breeze Ocean Kitchen Restaurant. The restaurant and bar (and also the guest rooms of the entire hotel) was meticulously designed by Jonathan Adler who I must say masterfully created an indoor-outdoor space that feels like you could be sitting poolside at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, dinning on the beach in South Beach, or, at the very least, on a total escape from your daily life.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

I must say that I'm a really tough critic when it comes to food. Not only have I spent the better part of my 20s working in food: attending London's Le Cordon Bleu, catering and cooking in kitchens from Europe to New York, but as a foodie I have been privileged enough to eat in some of the best restaurants around the globe. Keeping that in mind, I must tell you the food at the Eau's Breeze Ocean Kitchen is excellent. The entire menu is supremely fresh, beautifully presented, and the entire restaurant is almost diary free- the only exception is the spiked milkshake menu. So as a lactose intolerant diner I was particularly happy and relaxed. Order the local caught ceviche, mahi mahi tacos, and tuna poke. Then wash it all down with a not so classic margarita or a "Bahama Breeze" cocktail. Weekend brunch there is terrific, and they now offer a great selection of tapas after 5pm so an after work happy hour by the beach finally really does exist in Palm Beach! Ahhh happiness.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

After walking the beach and snapping some shots by the pool and ocean, it was time to head to the spa. Walking in was breathtaking to say the least. After meeting with my spa consultant, I was given a floating candle and instructed to place it in the central pool while making a self-centered wish. I was told that this time is to be about me and that without taking time here and there to indulge focusing on oneself we cease to be helpful to others. I liked the message.

On to champagne cupcakes and robes!

I don't know what it is about robes, but I really could live in one all weekend long, so an afternoon spent in a robe in the Florida sunshine, splashing about in garden lined water features is pure heaven for me. You just have to see the Eau Spa to believe it, check out their site and you'll get a taste for what I mean . There is a custom body polish and scrub bar, and relaxation room complete with artisanal "Eau" honey, fruit, fruit infused water, teas, mini cupcakes, and lounging decor that would make Maria Carey swoon. A steam room, sauna, hot tub whirlpool that takes up an entire room, with a central rain water feature that showers you from the ceiling. Magical.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

After enjoying the endless features of the spa, I was brought into my treatment room, complete with a private indoor AND outdoor shower, protected outdoor lounge space and vertical garden. My therapist took me through several versions of lighting, asking me which I preferred the most. Apparently my choice gave her all the insight she needed to know what I was looking for from my day. Out of the 3 areas of focus, Pause Play and Perfect, I needed to PAUSE...and she was spot on. Then began the 3 step Sea Salt & Honey Pumpkin Polish & Mask treatment. The process began with a full body sea salt & honey exfoliation to remove all the dead and dry skin, draw out surface toxins, reduce inflammation, and bacteria in the skin. After a warm shower outside in the Florida air, I was then covered from head to toe in a bentonite clay based pumpkin mask, and immediately wrapped in a warming blanket to allow the body to warm and release further toxins, as a collagen-rose serum was massaged into my face by the therapist. This was supreme luxurious relaxation, and I honestly could have stayed in that warm wrap for hours. Another outdoor shower, and then the massage enhanced application of a "marshmallow melt" cream was applied to my entire body which released all my muscles and made my skin softer than it has ever ever felt.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

Afterwards I took a warm cup of spiced tea over to the newly outfitted nail salon with in the spa for a perfect pedicure. The spa has invested in these incredible state of the art pedicure chairs that are so comfy, heat up and provide additional massage as your feet are groomed to open toe perfection.

Eau Palm Beach Resort Spa darcy jones the supper model spatober discover the palm beaches spa review resort review palm beach blogger top travel bloggers

So if you find yourself responding to a barrage of trick or treat questions this week, just answer TREAT already, and book one of these incredible TREATments. You deserve it. We all do.

Other Palm Beach Treatments of Note:

The Breakers & Essie Polish Mani-Pedi with take home nail kit & polish
Anushka Spa 's signature facial (both my mother and I are regulars)
The Four Seasons Palm Beach Pink Moon Massage (it incorporates pink rose & lavender oil- my two favorites)

And many many more from Jupiter to Boca Raton, Delray to Palm Beach Gardens!
To view all the treatments on offer this week visit

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Many thanks to Discover the Palm Beaches & the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa for a day to remember, and most importantly, one to forget everything else!

Fashion Photos by Jen Scott Photography

05 January 2016

Beach Trekking

It's a New Year and today I'm kicking it off by sharing a recent resort look from my Christmas vacation. I spent the splendid Christmas holiday at Gasparilla Inn in Boca Grande Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It's a place that holds a wonderful laid back luxury, with white white sand, sunset filled beaches, and an old world serenity. I grew up going there almost every Christmas and it was so nice to return and soak in the warm gulf water, play backgammon and ping pong after dinner, and fill the day with tennis, beach, spa, and boating. Old school, endlessly relaxing and I can't wait to go back.

Above, I was headed straight from the beach to pre holiday cocktails, so I traded my flip flops for a chunky iced pale blue heel as we left the beach club. I adore jogger pants right now as they can become as casual or dressy as you want to make them and are the perfect weight for resort weather. Olive green, ice blue, and camel are a color trio that I've been playing with and really love how chic and clean these tone always end up looking together. I went for rose gold accessories for this holiday look which is a killer trick if you want to highlight and show off your tan. More to come on rose gold jewels this month!

I'm still at work on my new years resolutions, which is very unlike me as I usually have a long list of personal improvements. But this holiday I really unplugged and tried to take a digital break for the first time. I must be finding re-entry from vacation life a little jarring, so maybe "to take more unplugged vacation time" should be one of them...
Any resolution recommendations?

Joggers, Windsor
Belt, Hermes
Sunglasses, Quay, similar
Purse, Celine
Hat, here, similar

16 December 2015

Gifts for the Girl on the Go: A Jet-Setter Gift & Winter Travel Guide

Finding a great gift for the girl who's always on the go can be truly difficult. She's been everywhere, seen everything, if not a lot, and who knows when she's jet-setting off again for another holiday excursion!?
Is this girl on your list this year? Never fear; jet-setter-trendsetter style is a rather easy nut to crack this holiday season, that is of course only when you know a little bit about the life and likes of a globetrotting gal...

Living in two places, between Manhattan and Palm Beach, I'm constantly on and off planes, in and out of divergent climates, and always on the hunt for chic yet comfy items to get me here, there, and everywhere not in gym clothes. Whether you travel a ton or not very much at all, the holidays always seem to involve some kind of adventure, and when winter snow sets in hard, my guess is that somehow you're inner escape artist finds a way steal a vacation day or two in search of a thaw.

So let me break down my jet-set gift guide (and FYI clicking on any item in the image above will lead you it's shoppable page) 
It's a gift guide that is based on my tried and true travel essentials, along with a wishlist item or two, that I can't wait to see if Santa leaves under my tree...

The Ultimate Turtleneck Tunic Top 
I always go for cashmere when en route. The luxe fabric always seems to take the stressful scratchy sting of traveling right away, and send your senses right back to that cozy seat on your couch. The quality of cashmere is also key as you need pieces that hold up through a long travel day, a red eye, layovers, and a multi-transportation trip. That is why I love this Pence Cashmere Poncho top from J.McLaughlin. It comes in a few great winter neutrals, but the heather grey is perfect for all cool toned winter days,

My Essential Moisturizer
This Amore Pacific Future Response deep hydrating and repairing facial moisturizer is a beauty item that is worth every penny and every last finger pad scoop you can get your hands. (A Kim Kardashian favorite, and I mean look at that skin!) The formula is made to protect the skin from pollution wreaking havoc on your face and intensely repair and revitalize it using a powerful combo of anti oxidants. I love this as a bedtime cream for it's restorative powers- it literally go to work repairing my skin damage in an hour and for it's rich consistency- it leaves you with that plush hydrated and bouncy face feeling which I can never get enough of!

The Perfect Chic and Compact Carry On Case
I am obsessed with this classic steamer-trunk inspired rolling carry on bag, and hope I can get my hands on it before it sells out! Vegan leather and beautifully crafted, I feel like it should have been on the Titanic with it's heavy gilded hardware and crisp cream banding. The price is excellent too.

Plush Passport Holder
Gigi New York is a girl on the go's best friend brand. This passport holder has a soft pebble texture and comes in a ton of colors, and with that gorgeous gold writing it's something beautiful to have in your purse to distract that customs official from your tired travel eyes... I also adore their sassy chic iphone cases, which I showcased in the last Golden Gift Guide Post here. You can also check out their array of uber pretty travel accessories here.

Queen of Jeans for Jetting
When traveling, jeans are an absolute jet-setter style must have. Airport streetstyle snaps dictate that skinnies are still the way to go, but choosing a darker denim with tons of stretch insures they always look pristine when leaving the terminal, and feel comfy while sitting on the tarmac.

Bright Light Tight: The Perfect Travel Tote
The Saint Laurent nano sac de jour is without a doubt my winter lust item! A bright cobalt blue color is always my go to winter pop color, and this bag is just everything I love about handbags all in one perfectly sized package. I really like traveling with a smaller purse given that I am prone to back pain, and am recently recovering from neck surgery, so carrying something small, and rolling the rest, allows me to control the weight of what I have in my arms and not get weighed down by things I really never need in flight. And really, you don't need as much as you think to happily enjoy a flight. My carry on bag spill just includes, my iphone, a block charger, my kindle, head phones, peppermint tea bags, my favorite grip bottom socks (perfect stocking stuffer), a homemade snack, and a few 3:1:1 essentials.

Beyond Compare Lip Balm
The La Mer lip balm is little dash of lusciousness. It's intensely reparative for dry lips and leaves you with a just velvety layer of protection from wind and recycled dry air. It builds as you use it to help ward off signs of aging and thinning of lips. I also love the hint of minty coolness.

The Most Fabulous Flat
I have been obsessed with my Lauren scalloped edge Chloe flats since finding them in metallic a little while back. Not only are they super soft, thin, and easy to pack but they are beyond comfortable and with the low feminine vamp of the toe, they always elongate your ankle and leg which is important when rocking anything from skinny jeans to leggings to joggers or harem pants on board. The rose neutral color is also really nice against winter skin.

The Wrap Coat
This one is obvious, but I tend to get rather cold on planes, and am always shivering and uncomfortable if I don't have a form of blanket coat that is soft enough to cuddle up in, but structured enough at the collar so I still look put together when deplaning. That is why I love this T Tahari Belted Wrap Coat (40% off right now here) as it's warm blend is perfect for any temperature changes and it's practical length means I can curl up in my seat with it belted and not worry about creases or wrinkles like I have to do with long coats. It also makes for easy packing in my carry on, or simply rolling it into the over head in front of my bag. Sometimes that big elegant collar doubles as my Star Wars esc hood when I need a mid flight nap. It comes in 4 colors but I love the Dove or Pebble best.

The Never Leave Home Without it Scarf
A scarf is essential to any outfit but when it comes to travel the scarf can provide neck protection from cold, and sun, hair protection from wind or even using it to hide the appearance of greasy long journey hair. I am loving the square scarf right now as I'm into neck ties and wrist ties as easy travel accessorizing, and find them more suited to making into a retro pony tail style. This one from Tory Burch (30% Off) is so silky soft, but I really love it's pattern and color combo.

Killer Cool Shades
Well statement sunglasses are everything when it comes to travel. They can cover up any smudged make up or eye bags, and of course tie a simple look together, instantly making it look paparazzi ready. These Dior shades are retro inspired, on sale*, and so modern with their deep ocean-blue reflective lens. I'm just so in love that I'm finding a way to snag a pair before the year ends!

First Class Fingers
When it comes to constant travel you have to develop ways to keep your health up, and ward off colds and infection that are so so easy to catch. (More on this to come this January on the blog) One of my best discoveries was finding this Kiehls "First Class" Hand Purifying Treatment. It is a gel-cream so glides on antiseptic like at first before turning creamy and soft and highly hydrating. The essential oils combined in the formula (ginseng rosemary & lavender to name a few) ward off commonly found germs that threaten our immune system when we travel, while giving those tired hands a deeply moisturizing break.

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What are your Girl on the Go, Go-To Products? Would love to hear any and all must haves, tips, or tricks. Leave me a comment bellow or Tweet me @thesuppermodel

27 February 2015

Freezing for Fashion

"Freezing" Cape, Grey Skinny Jeans, & Faux Fur Hat, ZARA // Camel Turtleneck, Club Monaco // Suede Ankle Boots, Joie via Piperlime // Purse, Gucci // Gloves, Sermoneta 

Now that you're fully prepared to travel anywhere these last weeks of winter (thanks to my last Packing Prescription post) I'm taking you on a journey to Salt Lake City where I had the pleasure of modeling for uber talented Utah Photographer Jessa Kae's inaugural photography workshop. It was a wonderful weekend filled with amazing sites, excellent food, and the first snowfall of the season! And as you can see that meant it was truly FREEZING!! No matter how cold the weather, and it has been seriously cold this winter, a two tone camel and grey outfit always looks effortlessly chic and luxurious. This combination is uniquely suited to icy winter light, making your skin look as if it still has the summer glow... however my luscious makeup and silky hair here is no act of nature, and is the work of the ultra amazing makeup artist Vivian Johnson (who has THE best makeup blog check it out here) & the sweet spunky hair guru Emma Ribeira whose gorgeous work you can find here .

And of course these beautiful pictures were taken by the lovely lovely Raquel Acevedo, a "student" in the workshop but a complete master of her craft with an amazing artistic eye. See her beautiful growing  portfolio on her site here.

Many thanks to Jessa Kae for including me in this special weekend, and to all the beautifully talented women I had the pleasure of getting to know.

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20 February 2015

Packing Prescription: 7 Travel-Sized Treasures & Tips

If you're ANYWHERE on the East Coast these past weeks you're most likely spending most of your waking hours dreaming of warmer temperatures and scouring the internet for escape routes to anyplace not blustering with freezing winds or blanketed by record snows. Even here in Florida, where I woke up to a windy 30 degree sunrise, we are in the middle of 48hrs of the coldest temperatures the state has felt in over 5 yrs.

It's time for some thawing out travel for us all, and since I've been traveling almost non stop for 2 months I'm sharing my 7 best winter travel tips & tricks, skin saviors, and favorite travel-sized treasures with you today. Now you should have the perfect packing prescription to get you to that place in the sun, STAT!

Getting Organized: Packing in Pouches 
A wise family member recently suggested I organize my purse in "pouches" or in a series of small bags to avoid the endless archeological dig for that lipstick or car key. This move has truly changed my life, or at least my days. Bagging in groups such as makeup, electronics and keys, jewelry, and hair accessories allows me to switch my handbags in a flash in the morning without going through the hassle of dumping, sorting, and ultimately forgetting something. When transitioning to this way of organizing, it's even helpful to use slider lock ziplock bags. This way you can get used to where everything lives before switching to stronger more durable pouches.

Layer Your Looks
I use this same packing-in-packs approach when packing my suitcase. I like to travel with outfit choices  and options for any mood or weather change, so I am prone to massively over packing. By packing in pouches, I can build an outfit place it in a large ziplock and include a small ziplock of the accessories I plan to pair with it. If I find myself short on zip-locks, I will pack in layers, layering each outfit complete with belt, scarf, or other accessories, and layer other outfits on top, so that when I arrive I can unpack allowing outfits to hang or remain together for easy effortless dressing while away. This has really cut down on my luggage weight, as it also helps me to choose jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, and purses that work with multiple outfits.

Healthy Selfie Styled Hair
When away from home or headed to some place other than a familiar city, I am doing my own hair. I love my blowouts (it's my big indulgence) and since I have a lot of hair doing my own is a process that needs allotted time. I hate having to spend a ton of time in the bathroom when traveling as it cuts down on time exploring and enjoying my trip so I have heavily researched and tried out a zillion products that will cut down on primping time. As I have mentioned before I love love love the Oribe lines and their perfect travel sized version of all my favorite products. When out of the shower, take a dime size squirt of their Gold Lust serum and apply to ends to hydrate dryness and seal, protecting your hair against heat and hard water that might be following where you are. Try out their Grandiose Plumping Mousse for instant soft volume. It also speeds up drying time when you take the blow dryer to it. If you are in a humid be achy spot you can also take a small handful to dry hair later in the day to instantly add subtle waves and volume in a flash. When hair is dry, spray it with plenty of Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray. It will give you fast volume and life and act as a soft hold hair spray all in one spritz.

Skin Saviors & In Transit Treatments
Hydration Hydration Hydration has to be the most important element to maintain when it comes to your skin while traveling. Altitude, change in climate, recirculated and dry air, and lack of sleep due to jet lag or time changes all can reek serious havoc on our skin. And there is nothing worse than arriving in paradise only to wake up to the smell of a beachy breeze, and the sight of a blooming breakout. Obviously drinking lots of water from the morning of travel day onward throughout your trip is key (I like to start increasing my water intake the night prior in fact) but you'll want to take some topical skin steps to up the ante.

I have almost every product from Amore Pacific's Moisture Bound line and think they are the most effective brand out there when it comes to total immediate skin hydration and health. But my favorite travel product of theirs is not only stunningly effective but shockingly affordable. At $35 their Skin Energy Mist is like spritzing stolen water from the fountain of youth on your face. I use it when traveling in place of a toner, immediately after cleansing, and carry it with me all day using it as needed when my skin starts to feel a bit dry. Like sunblock, we all tend to forget that reapplication throughout the day is key to protecting our skin. This hydrating mist is wonderful because with one to two spritz your entire face is instantly rejuvenated, glowing, and happy. It is also can be amply sprayed over makeup.

When flying, I rely on Kate Somerville's DermaQuench Liquid Lift foaming spray. It is extremely powerful at fighting off free radicals and sealing the skin with water and anti aging properties for hours upon hours. Before takeoff and 30 minutes before landing I will use this miracle (and now cult) product as well as before bed while away to fight fine lines and dryness. When on a long flight, or the morning after a vacation night of one too many wines, the worst is waking up with puffiness and eye bags. I should literally buy stock in Klorane for the amount of soothing eye contour patches I purchase each month. Place them on before you fall asleep on board a long flight and awake looking refreshed and wide eyed or stick them on in the morning after cleansing and moisturizing for 20 minutes, chug that water, and any signs of the night before are literally erased. If I've had a long day or not a lot of sleep, I will even put them on while getting ready to go out. Even 15 min does wonders, and they act as amazing under eye pads while you do your eye makeup and lashes. Just peel off before applying primer, foundation, and concealer.

No Makeup Makeup
When it comes to travel days I dread the look of caking and dry makeup, that I know while result in clogging my pores, but opting for no makeup is not an option you want to choose once you pass 21. Sorry ladies. But with the birth of BB and CC creams, tinted moisturizers, and serum infused non cosmogenic foundations (non clogging) achieving a no makeup makeup look is quick and simple and stunning kind to your skin. I love using my Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream duo for face and eyes. This duo provides broad spectrum protection with an SPF 35 for face and 15 for under the eyes. It has a shocking light and silky feel, with a full coverage appeal and working to brighten skin with daily use. To prime my skin for this light layer of good-for-the-face makeup, and then to set the makeup and pop my eyes, I rely on my increasingly favorite brand, Too Faced for some serious essentials. Their Hangover Rx Primer is infused with coconut water and probiotics that instantly nourish and brighten the skin, while evening out dry spots and fine lines. I wear it every day without fail. To set my foundation or BB cream, Too Faced Primed and Poreless Powder is pure magic: stops shine and erases pores for a flawless and cakeless look. I finish my look with the best mascara of all time, their Better Than Sex black mascara. The barebones basic essentials for a happy in flight and after flight face.

Goodbye to Gut-Wrenching Woes
Oh the places you'll go, the things you'll eat, and the price you will pay! I have a very sensitive stomach and have spent years at odds with my gut's distaste for travel and change. That is until I really concentrated on researching and taking care of my stomach when away from my own fridge. Waking up each morning to a glass of hot water and lemon is the perfect way to easily realign and re-alkaline your system, but when it comes to meal time, most of use need help to tackle exotic foods and unfamiliar tastes, ingredients, or food combinations. 10-15 minutes before every meal I take a Garden of Life Raw Enzymes for Women digestive enzyme capsule. This are raw, vegan, overtime enzymes that include potent probiotics to easy any discomfort or irregularity and cut down massively on gas and bloating from long flights and time change. They are gentle enough to work with your body and also contain added vitamins and minerals that will help aid in fighting sluggishness and in increasing your energy. Taking digestive enzymes and probiotics will also help your skin, and fight any facial blemishes that can pop up while on a vacation diet...

The Power of SMELLggestion
Travel size spritz bottles and roller balls of my favorite scents are essential items in my carry on liquid case. A quick spray or roll of a familiar aroma can change your mood instantly, allowing you to relax if you are a nervous flyer, or simply setting a better tone while in a crammed airport, customs line, or when arriving in a new unfamiliar place. I love every scent by Jo Malone and Tocca and find they aren't too overpowering to spray little at your seat or in your hotel room.

What are your tried and true travel tips? I'd love to know- leave me a comment bellow or on Instagram!
Safe travels, stay warm, and thanks for reading.

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12 December 2014

Friday Food Diary : Weekend in West Hollywood

While in LA last month I was able to steal an afternoon away from meetings and work to enjoy some precious sunshine-filled hours shopping, sipping, and nibbling around West Hollywood, by far one of my most favorite spots in the world. Where succulent foliage peeps out behind white picket fences and perfectly manicured boxwood hedges, world class *vegan* Mexican cuisine mingles with the most luscious Parisian chocolates and french pressed coffee, and a fresh cold pressed juice with additions like Bulgarian Rose water or a shot of tangelo juice is never further away than the next store front. West Hollywood is a serene and enchanting foodie paradise for anyone and everyone. Here are some of my favorite spots and a little photo diary of how I like to spend a Monday munching my way along Melrose...

Gracias Madre : The best al fresco lunch in town. Vegan, yes and absolutely-terrific-so-good-you-would-never-know-it's-vegan Mexican cuisine. I don't care who you are or what you eat, there is more than just something here for you: Gracias Madre is the most glorious dinning experience in L.A. right now from every aspect and angle, sight and bite.

Fresh muddled creative cocktails, beautiful 100% agave margaritas, and crisp cold fresh-pressed juices are only part of this complex and varied bar scene. Order the La Belleza and Purista-II (pictured above) for the ultimate palate awakener and perfect start to any meal.

Must try: the vegan cauliflower nachos with a trio of fresh salsas and guacamole... once you start you just can't stop, and no one there would ever want you too either! Let the amazing servers guide you from there, they are wonderful and won't steer you wrong. No wrong turns exist on this menu map!

The decor speaks for itself as well: inviting and colorful, comfortable and oh so absolutely chic: the real question that you'll be left with is why not stay through till dinner when they fill the courtyard with hundreds of candles, music, and moonlight...

L.A. Juice Shop : Now when it comes to juices and juicing I am a long time well-researched (self-proclaimed albeit) aficionado. I make my own cold-pressed green juice every day and try every brand and local shop to constantly keep my taste buds fresh and on the pulse. To say I am obsessed would be an understatement. That being said, L.A. Juice has won the game entirely. I mean it truly- the best of juice/mylk/oh my goodness award goes hands down to L.A. Juice. Everything I have had there tastes better than the previous juice, and better than any juice I have had to date. 

Their menu (here) of juices and mylks is enough to satisfy anyone for a lifetime of liquid living, but my favorites are the Sunset Greens, Vero Greens, Almond Rose Mylk, Golden Glow, & Red Carpet.

Stop in on Tuesday's for the 2 for Tuesday Special: buy any two juices or mylks and get the third FREE! Tell them The Supper Model sent you and there may be something else for you in store...

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen: Pick me up time? No problem, tucked away on iconic Melrose Place is the best coffee-internet-cozy-cool-cafe on the west coast. Alfred's is a local place the oozes with West Hollywood understated fabulousness charm. Home of the #10DollarLatte and the killer #AlfredCone Alfred's offers the freshest Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Farm Shop pastries every day along with a signature Alfred-ambiance that just cannot be replicated anywhere else. Call a friend and meet for coffee, or just walk on in, order a shot and make a new one ...But, as always, First, COFFEE!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with yummy meals and holiday delights wherever your travels may take you.
Thanks for reading.


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