16 April 2015

Fringe Benefits: What Sexy/Smart/Savvy People Know About Wearing Fringe

Fringe. It's THE undoubted trend of the moment. Fringe bags, shoes, jackets, skirts, tops, name me a fashion item that hasn't been frayed and feathered with fringe this season! I must admit that I love everything about the return of this trend and adore the texture and intrigue a tassel can add to any outfit. But even too much of a good thing is, well, too much. 

So what do sexy/smart/savvy fashion people know about wearing fringe? I'll tell you:

When testing out fringe this spring and summer, limit yourself to a maximum of 2 fringed elements per look. Make sure that there is also distance between the 2 fringe items- I have yet to see anyone pull off a fringe skirt and fringe shoes successfully as it is too bottom heavy, drawing your eye and focus downward, away from face and towards your feet. You do NOT want this.

Test out what your body type allows. If you opt for a match fringe top and skirt, make sure that everything else is excessively minimal and quiet to avoid looking like you stepped out in a Halloween costume. But don't be afraid to mix tones and textures as well as widths and lengths when it comes to fringe accessories- the less matchy matchy the better. Remember that you want to aim for "unexpected" rather than "over the top" as a singe fringe item itself makes enough of a statement. (I mean these Schutz Fringe Sandals!!! Just stick em on with shorts and white T and you'll be the hottest thing in a 20 mile radius)

Also consider proportions: fringe can be really effective in elongated your over all look, but not if the fringe is too long or heavy for your frame. When shopping in a store try taking a quick selfie in the mirror to see how your fringe item really translates, and do the same right after you buy a piece online and it arrives to your home to ensure that you don't look like a clydesdale, ie weighed down by your strands. 

Remember that fringe also adds movement and playfulness to an outfit. This is an element that most of us don't really think about, unless you are being photographed all the time. The movement of a fringed pieces is a lot like long strands of shiny hair: undeniably and timelessly sexy, so if you are going to pull off a fringe look successfully you need to love it, own it, and move it in with supreme confidence. I hope this post inspires you to try wearing a little fringe tonight. 

Because nothing says Thursday date night quite a set of strong stems and long strands!

Outfit Details:
"Kija" Suede Fringe Lace Up Heels, Schutz Shoes // Fringe Cross Body Purse, Zara // Black Lace Crop Top, H&M // Destroyed Denim Lace Hem Shortie, American Eagle Outfitters // Retro Shades, ASOS // Belt, Vintage from a trip to Ibiza-tip: always shop when you travel

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14 April 2015

Discover Festival Fashion's Simple Secret

Whatever makes you feel like a rockstar... Festival Fashion's simplest secret? HAVE FUN. Put on your favorite playlist, no, crank it up real loud, and envision your favorite 70s style icon (google also helps with this). Then head over to your closet and take it for a wild ride testing out and experimenting with what you own to create an outfit that is unexpected and flat out makes you want to dance. Need to add a little something to make it Coachella perfect? Head over to H&M and visit H&M Loves Coachella : the ultimate affordable editorial collection that will have you festival ready with no effort (because every piece is great) and very little money (as everything is ultra affordable).

It's the easiest recipe for this Tuesday's OOTD. So go forth and be festive.

Still need more inspiration? Follow my Festival Style Pinterest Board for everything Festival Fabulous.

Outfit Details:
Crochet Fringe Crop top, H&M x Coachella // Kimono Cape, H&M x Coachella // Stacked Bracelets, H&M x Coachella // Destroyed Lace Hem Denim Shorties, American Eagle Outfitters // Wide brim Fedora, American Eagle Outfitters // Wide Stone Belt, Calypso St. Barths, similar // Cowboy Boots, Frye

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11 April 2015

Don't Leave the House Before Reading This Festival Flash-Post

That's right, it's a Festival Beauty Bag Spill just in time for weekend one of Festival Season! What's in my purse you ask? A very personal question, but because it's also a very important one, I'm spilling my cross-body fringe bag guts direct from Tortuga Fest (follow me today and tomorrow on Instagram for an all access pass live from Florida's ultimate country music festival)

Easy rule to follow: only the most important essentials to help you get through the day/day into night because you never know where this crazy festival road may take you.

Think travel sized, think light, think hands free. This way you can be free to dance, free to sing, free your mind... you know and the rest will follow...

And so the 10 Festival Essentials in my bag today
(you can shop all the items in SHOP THE POST bellow) 

1. Fringe Cross-Body Purse
Lightweight and small which helps me limit what I can bring and keep my load light easy and breezy. A cross-body strap also allows for constant hands free festival going which means, yep more time taking pics and video, and of course those selfies... 

2. SPF, Shades, Sun Protecting Hat
Need I say more? Keep reapplying lightweight sun protection, I like a cover-up based tinted moisturizer with SPF, try one that offers full coverage but that doesn't feel too heavy or cake like. You can find my favorites in "Shop the Post" bellow. Sunnies protect your eyes along with that delicate skin beneath your eyes. And a hat is the must-have festival accessory of the year. Don't ask, just do.

3. Flash Tattoos
My friends and I love playing around with temporary tattoos, like the ones from Flash Tattoos, on the ride to the stage and mixing and matching our body jewelry with one another. It is a great activity when the ride gets long or traffic hits, and all you need is a wet paper towel or cloth to apply.

4. Make Up Setting Spray and Moisturizing Mist 
Keep it all in place, in the first place, and then provide your skin with a refresher! A two in one, I love the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay because it really works at waterproofing your makeup and making sure you don't suffer from creases or running. Find in "Shop the Post", bellow.

5. Pigment Pens
These are great for creative face painting (another car time-killer), eyeliner, and a touch up on your eye lid when day turns to night and you need a little more shadow coverage. I love the pigment pens from Ellis Faab, which you can discover in "Shop the Post" bellow.

6. Travel Sized Dry Shampoo
Essential to anyone with any length or style hair. Greasy hair just doesn't feel good, and looks even worse. Try the one from Drybar Products, in "Shop the Post" bellow.

7. Bikini Top
Because it gets super hot dancing around in the sun with tons of people, and you might want an easy quick change without having to go to the bathroom for an outfit switch. Why not bring the full bikini if you have room.

8. Hair Ties
It gets hot, you get sweaty, always bring one to pull up your hair into a top knot to avoid creasing when you want to let your hair back down in the cooler evening. Or try my 15 second Festival Hair Hack here.

9. Carry Cash
Making sure you have cash on hand is essential. It's a safe and easy way to navigate traveling too and from the festival and also insuring you can buy what you need when you want to and not have to stand in long ATM lines...serious buzz kill.

10. Sustenance
Carrying a Protein bar or snack pack around with you is so vital just in case you get hit with an unexpected long walk or especially if you have food allergies or are prone to low blood sugar. Remember you will get hot, sweat, and dehydrate so try to plan for it. I love these Chia Bars from Health Warrior.


Florida Festival Style: Take Me To Tortuga

The day has arrived and its time to pack up and head off for a glorious weekend at the Tortuga Music Festival. Follow me on Instagram today and tomorrow as I report and share on all things festival straight from Tortuga Fest!

Here's a little 30 sec behind the scenes fun we put together to showcase Florida Festival Style.
Because Cali, Coachella, & the west coast don't have it all...

"Take Me To Tortuga"
Model and Stylist: Darcy Jones
Music: "Til It's Gone" by Kenny Chesney 

09 April 2015

Why I'm Embracing Festival Fashion (And Maybe You Should Too) with American Eagle

Festival Season has taken the fashion world by storm. Everyone from top tier designers to big box retailers are bending over backwards to market their fringe loving, boho inspired, and 70s revival gear. 

But as far as fashion fads go, I think this one's a winner. 

Festival inspired fashion is the easiest trend for creating affordable editorial fashion looks. Keeping a few simple style tips in mind you can create a couture look for next to nothing, combining truly practical pieces that will carry you through spring and summer in stylish spendthrift glory...

1. Find Fringe Details
Fringe booties, sandals, bags, jackets, and skirts are everywhere right now and will ensure that outfits looks modern and not like it smells of moth-balls.

2. Comb Vintage / Second Hand Shops
There is nothing better than finding a hidden gem in a thrift store. The excitement of the find and the steal of the deal sometimes outweighs the actual piece, however finding something vintage from the 70s to add to your outfit is sure fire way to look and feel authentic. And don't be afraid to revamp the piece: Try cutting up some old cowboy boots and folding them over, securing them with an old belt wrapped around the ankle to make decorative cool booties. Take an old layered necklace and fasten it to a barrette to make a head piece or hair jewelry. The possibilities are endless.

3. Buy a Big Hat 
Not only does this protect from hours in desert, beach side, or high mountain sun, but it covers up tired out, and even day old dirty hair. No need to spend a fortune on these either as you can snag them at some many retailers for under $20 and they do tend to get beat up so I wouldn't recommend investing. Plus hat styles tend to change every year.

4. Sport a Crossbody Bag
This is essential for hands free festival dancing. A crossbody bag also limits you from carrying too much around, which can be exhausting after hours walking and standing, so I like it better than a backpack.

5. Get a Graphic T
Perfect for a hot sunny day but equally awesome under a fitted blazer, skinny jeans, and heels for a night out. Go for classic band logo prints, sayings that appeal to you, or neon printed scenes or patterns like this one (pictured above) from American Eagle Outfitters.

6. Statement Necklace
Sky is the limit when accessorizing for festival season. Try finding unique pieces with feathers, electric colors, and chunky stones. Can't find the right piece? Stack multiple necklaces to create your own couture collar, or shop my favorite statement necklace brand Mignonne Gavigan for award worthy festival fashion jewelry. 

Today I'm posting from my road-trip to Tortuga: that's Tortuga Music Festival, Florida's ultimate country music festival taking place this weekend on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Getting into the music festival spirit is a unique opportunity to grab some girlfriends, pack up the car with tailgating, beach picnic, or camping out essentials, and hit the open road in search of completely surrendering to good music and the great outdoors. Like many of you, my work sometimes keeps me in front of the computer for hours on end throughout the week, so I'm truly thankful to be one of Tortuga Fest's official bloggers. Follow me on Instagram to see all the sites, sounds, sun and fun in real time direct from this years festival this Saturday & Sunday.

If you're looking for tickets, there's still time! Visit www.tortugamusicfestival.com to purchase. Proceeds this year aid Rock the Ocean, an organization dedicated conserving and saving the world's oceans.

Embrace Festival Fashion by visit the TSM FESTIVAL SHOP (or click "Shop" in toolbar above)

Graphic Palm Print T, American Eagle Outfitters // Denim High Rise Shortie, American Eagle Outfitters // Hat, American Eagle Outfitters, similar // Neckpiece, Mignonne Gavigan // Booties, H&M, love these & these // Shades, QuayxShay // Crossbody Fringe Bag, Zara , similar


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